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Motorcycle Info Articles

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Airbags are Evil
All About Oil - More than everything you ever wanted to know.
All About Filters - Especially oil filters.
A Friend's Crash - It could happen to you.
My DL650 Review - What it's like to own a V-Strom.
Horsepower & Torque - Everything you ever wanted to know.
Making Horsepower - How to increase the HP of your motor.
Resonant Air Boxes - how modern air boxes work. Don't cut yours up, it's a mistake.
Suspension - how forks and shocks work.
Fighting Traffic Tickets - fighting helmet related tickets.


Batteries & Spark Plugs - What fits your bike.
Chains & Sprockets - What fits your bike.
Tires - What fits your bike.
Motorcycle Accidents - How to handle a motorcycle accident scene.
Filter Cross Ref - Alternative oil filters for most bikes.
Filter Surgery - I cut open a bunch of oil filters to see for myself.
Metal Gauges - thicknesses of sheet metal.
Wire Gauges - diameters and resistances of wires.
Unit Conversions - kilometers to miles, etc.
Drills & Screws - a complete table.
New Bike Check List - make certain your new bike won't fall apart on the freeway.
Storage Check List - How to put your bike up for the winter.
Packing Check List - What to pack for a cross-country motorcycle trip.
Printable State Laws - The motorcycle related laws where you're going.