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California Scientific

California Scientific
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Motorcycle Tank Bags, Saddlebag Liners and Cargo Sacks

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Tank Bags

There's a zillion people making very nice tank bags now. They all have their plusses. Pick what you like.

HondaLine Tank Bag
HondaLine Tank Bag, 08L56-MCS-100B $229 from HondaDirectLine.

EclipseSport Pack
I use an checkmarkEclipseSport Pack, 17L expandable to 30L, about $95. Mounts easily on fairing support struts and front seat mount.Slight interference with handlebars at full lock - no buttons get pushed, the switch housings just sink into the bag about 1/2".

RKA Tank Bag RKA Tank Bag RKA Tank Bag RKA Tank Bag
RKA Tank Bags$55 - $175. Bigger is more money, magnets are more money.

Motoboss magnetic tank bag
Motobossmagnetic tank bag, $30. Cheap but effective - good for a dual sport bike.

Saddlebag and Top Box Liners

Hondaline bag liners Hondaline bag liners
Hondaline bag liners, about $112 for side cases 08L56 MCS-100A,$70 for top box 08L56 MCS-800 from HondaDirectLine.
These saddlebag liners only fill the bike side of the bags; the lids are still available for packing.

Custom Bag Liners
Custom Bag Liners for ST1300. 2 pieces, $100; 3 pieces, $150.

RKA bag liners
I use checkmarkRKAbag liners for the ST1300, $100. They're great. No trunk liner planned. Discounted by Kim Leong, STOC 3073,California Sport Touring.

Bestem Bag Liners
Bestem Bag Linersfrom, $60. Available in half width like the Hondaline liners, and full width.

HondaLine ST1100 Saddlebag Liners
HondaLine ST1100 Saddlebag Liners. 08162-MR510 for $72.55 are reported to fit ok in the ST1300.

Top Box and Saddlebag Liners
Top Box & Saddlebag Liners21Lx6Dx13H $18. These fit the Honda Top Box perfectly. They are a bit too large for the saddlebags, and require extensive modification by someone who can sew cordura if you want to use them as bag liners.

Cargo Sacks

Roll-top bags Cord draw bags Clothes sacks
Roll-top bags $32 - $55 Cord draw bags $22 - $35 Clothes sacks $70 - $100
Helen Two Wheels luggage systems- prestigious products at prices prestigious people can afford. Extremely waterproof.

Clothes Sacks Gear Bags
Clothes Sacks $15 - $20. Gear Bags $17 - $45.

Top Box Rack Bag
Top Box Rack Bag26.5L   9x7x21 + 9x7x3 * 2 pockets.  Available in black. $40

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Make Your Own Saddlebag Keys

Many bikes come with saddlebags these days, which are keyed alike with the ignition. Having to take the key out of your ignition or pocket to open the saddlebags is a real pain. Here's an alternative:

Idea by Ronnie Bowen, pictures by Scott Williams.
Get copies of your key, about $3 ea. Cut the heads off, and use 90 second epoxy in a double plunger to glue them into (black) plastic bottle caps. Or be creative: Coors Silver Bullet caps, or ??? keys
Good sources for black caps: Minute Maid Lemonade, some furniture or salad oils, various brands of motor oil, other chemicals available in an auto parts store. Electronic knobs at Radio Shack, etc.
If you use white caps, spray some primer on the bottle caps, then coat them with liquid rubber.Or, use Rustoleum BBQ black then cover with semi-gloss clear lacquer.
liquid electrical tape
Leave them in your saddlebags and left glove box lid most of the time. Since these keys are short, they cannot start your bike. Make four of them, keep one as a spare.
Either the liquid rubber or the paint will get nicked up in a couple weeks.
sadlebad keys

If you want more detailed instructions, here's some.

Custom key knobs Custom key knobs
Custom key knobs available from Linc Spangler. $8 ea.Attach with a set screw and epoxy. Or, mail your keys to Linc and he'll put them together for $12.50 each.