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Motorcycle Info and Accessories

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Pirate's backrest Pirate's backrest
Adjustable Backrest from Jerry Finley at Pirates Lair. About $325.
Utopia Driver's backrest
Utopia Driver's Backrest. Home installation, about $195. Photos by Keith Calhoun.

Headlight protectors

are clear plastic that cover your headlight and protect it from rocks. If you drive in Canada, this is pretty much a must. Try to imagine how much a new headlight assembly is from Honda.

The Stongard. One mm thick vinyl, glues onto your headlight. About $40 from California Sport Touring, (888) 799-5445.

Vinyl headlight guard from X-Pel - $15, cut to fit. One mm thick vinyl, glues onto your headlight.

headlight protector headlight protector
Plastic headlight guard from AeroFlow - $80. Sticks on your headlight with 4 clear velcro tabs. 3/16" thick acrylic.

Tank Bras

Tank bra Tank bra
Bagster Tank Bra in black or grey. Made in France. Perhaps I should call it a "Freedomster." $150 from Euro Bikes.

Second Look makes tank bras and seat covers.

Fender Accessories

Fenda Extenda
checkmarkFenda Extenda from California Sport Touring $29 (888) 799-5445 or Dandy Industries

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Make Your Own Rear Fender Extension
flat plasticrear fender
Get a piece of flat plastic, about 1/8" thick. Cut it to 6½" by 10". Attach it to your rear fender with double stick tape and machine screws. This will help keep mud and dirt out of the internals of your bike.

Cleaning Supplies

I recommend you buy and own the following chemicals:
  • #7 Chrome Polish.
  • Semi-chrome for aluminum polishing.
  • Blue Magic for exhaust headers.
  • Any mag wheel cleaner which contains Phosphoric acid.
  • Goo Gone for removing labels and stickers.
  • Acetone, bought as fingernail polish remover.
  • Turtle wax bug & tar remover.
  • Gunk Engine Brite.
  • A silicon spray for cleaning black plastic and black rubber. You can use Armorall, or any of the various Tire Black sprays.
  • Turtle Wax Black Chrome Cleaner and Sealant for rubber, vinyl, and powder coated parts.
  • Any car wash soap, or even dish washing detergent for that matter.
  • Car wash mit.
  • Worn out hand towel to clean wheels, etc.
  • 5 gallon paint bucket to hold soapy water. Fill it up, and do your bike, your car, and your wife's car.Of course, you spend 45 minutes on your bike and 6 minutes on each car, but she doesn't have to know that.
  • Kit car wax if you're lazy, Blue Coral if you're really serious.
  • Turtle wax or DuPont rubbing compound.
  • Turtle wax or DuPont polish.
  • 3M Plastic Polish.
  • 3M Plastic Cleaner.
  • Any blue colored glass cleaner, or use the recipe in Consumer Reports.
  • Tri-Flow Teflon / Silicon lubricant. Great for locks, hinges, etc.

Some people prefer other brands of chemicals. But y'know, they can just make their own web page.

When cleaning a motorcycle windshield, use a *lot* of water, and only wipe up and down. If you wipe side to side, you'll eventually leave tiny scratches which reflect light into your eyes. Once a year or so, you can take your windshield off the bike and soak it in the tub in hot soapy water for a half hour.This will get all the bugs etc. off. It's a good idea to get a micro-fiber rag for your windshield.

Plastic Repairs

MicroMesh Windshield scratch remover $18.50 from If this doesn't get it out, you need a new windshield.

For small scratches, go to your local paint shop and get 3M plastic polish.

Brad Johnson of Johnson Plastic Weld, Fordwich, Ontario, Canada, N0G 1V0 (519) 335-3000does plastic repairs on fenders and fairings.

Urethane Supply sells various epoxies and plastic welders with instructions specific to motorcycles.

Plastech sells a plastic welder with instructions specific to motorcycles.

Plas-tech sells a plastic repair kit, $30.


Plastex sells a plastic repair kit,$10 small, $25 standard.

Touch up Paint

Color-Rite1-800-736-7980 has paint for most motorcycles. The 2003 ST-1300 is code NH478.

Cycle Color708-921-1222 most motorcycles.