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California Scientific

California Scientific
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FAQ and Warranty


California Scientific guarantees that your windshield will provide a calmer and more quiet ride than any other, and that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Take your shield for a ride for a couple of miles; if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the windshield, you are welcome to return it in like-new condition for a full refund of the cost of the windshield with no restocking fee. We do not refund shipping costs. We further guarantee that you will receive the product as advertised; if the shield is damaged or lost by the shipper, we will send a replacement. If you receive a windshield with visual defects, ship it back to us and we will either repair or replace it. Note that our credit card processor does not allow refunds past 60 days, so we generally do not either, even if the shield was sitting in your garage over winter.

Bought Wrong Size

If at any time you want your windshield cut down lower, make a mark on the shield with a sharpie and ship it back to us with a note. We'll do the cut down no charge.

If you would like to exchange for another size you can send it back with a note of what you want. If the shield is in like-new condition the only charge will be the price difference between the shields, if there is one. If it needs repair there will be a charge for the exchange. When we ship our windshields they have plastic wrap on them. This way you can safely take your shield for a short ride without damaging it, to test if you like it.

You can also modify your own shield - there are instructions here. Note that we do not accept returns on shields cut down by you, and only accept returns on shields cut down by us if we choose to.

Cracks, Breaks, and Accidents

California Scientific windshields are designed to be ridden for years without breaking, however they can break if impacted severely or if the screws are over tightened. If your windshield breaks in the first 3 months for any reason, even your own fault, we will replace it one time. We do not guarantee a second replacement if you break two. If your windshield breaks for any reason after three months, we will sell you a replacement at a reduced cost, depending on the circumstances. Please be careful to install your washers and not over tighten the screws, as this is the most common way that they break aside from impacts.


California Scientific windshields are generally meant to install without pushing hard on the shield or bracket. If your shield does not fit or does not appear to fit, take pictures and let us know. Make sure that the stock shield is removed, as if it is still in place the parallax can make our shield appear to not fit. Also make sure that you have received the correct windshield and mounting brackets if any, and that you are installing the mounting brackets correctly. Also make sure that you have ordered the correct year. If you have the wrong shield and need to exchange, you are welcome to do so with no restocking fee, even if it is your fault.

Return Shipping

California Scientific will only pay for return shipping in the event that we have made a mistake - either by shipping the wrong product or shipping a mismanufactured product. We will not pay for return shipping if you decide to return your shield for a refund, exchange, or cut down.


California Scientific takes pride in our customer service. You are welcome to call us at (916)-372-6800 or email us at and we will usually help you immediately, or guaranteed within a few business days. We are open to discussion, negotiation, and complaints, and will do our best to make sure you are happy.

High above the bike the air is high speed air and undisturbed. Directly behind the shield there is a pocket of shielded air. In between these two, coming off of the top of any windshield, is a transitional zone which is turbulent and noisy even with the best possible windshield. If that turbulence hits you right in the face it will be very noisy. A good windshield must either be tall enough to push the turbulence over your head or short enough so that it hits your shoulders. This chart is designed to help you find a windshield that you can comfortable look over and have your head in clean air. Note that if you have modified or replaced your seat with one that is higher or lower, you will need a taller or shorter shield accordingly.

Table: Height v. Pants Inseam (Leg Length)

28" = 71cm 29" = 74cm 30" = 76cm 31" = 79cm32" = 81cm33" = 84cm34" = 86cm35" = 89cm36" = 91cm37" = 94cm38" = 96cm
5'5" = 165cmS
5'6" = 168cmS
5'7" = 170cmMS
5'8" = 173cmMS
5'9" = 175cmLMS
5'10" = 178cmLMS
5'11" = 180cmXLLMS
6' = 183cmXLLMS
6'1" = 185cmXXLXLLMS
6'2" = 188cmXXLXLLMS
6'3" = 191cmXXLXLLMS
6'4" = 193cmXXLXLLM
6'5" = 196cmXXLXLLM
6'6" = 198cmXXLXLL

We use acrylic, like most windshield companies, because is better suited to making windshields out of. Acrylic and polycarbonate have a few differences.

The biggest difference is that acrylic is a brittle material while polycarbonate is ductile. What this means is that acrylic is stiffer and harder, while polycarbonate is soft. This makes polycarbonate harder to crack, however in order to keep it upright without it flopping over you either need to make it very thick, or put a flare in it which generates turbulence. This, along with a lack of understanding of aerodynamics, is why you will see flares or flips in windshields, despite them providing inferior performance. Polycarbonate is accordingly easier to manufacture.

Polycarbonate itself will turn foggy when exposed to oxygen or UV light and is very prone to scratching, so in order to protect it it is coated in a thin layer of another material. Although this optical coating is somewhat scratch resistant, if you do scratch it the shield is destroyed. Any attempt to buff out the scratch will only peel away more optical coating. Acrylic is very scratch resistant, and easy to repair if scratched.

Acrylic is optically superior; it is crystal clear and will have a transparent glossy edge. Polycarbonate is mostly clear and will have a darkened edge.

Polycarbonate is also worse for the environment, if that concerns you. Manufacturing it requires phosgene, and it contains chlorine which creates chlorine gas during manufacturing. Acrylic is composed of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

You can see all of the bikes that we make windshields for on our homepage. If your bike is not there, we do not currently make a shield for it. In order to design a shield for a bike we generally need access to the bike. This means driving your bike to our shop in Oak Grove, Missouri. We may also be able to ship you a shield with no holes in it, and you can drill the holes.

We will do anything we are able to for the right price. Usually custom work means a custom height or shape. Generally we can make shields up to 27" tall. A custom height is usually $15 to $40.

We highly discourage ordering a shield with no vent. The vent is an important part of the aerodynamics and is not going to suck in tons of rain when you are riding in the rain. When you are riding in the rain you are going to get wet either way, but most customers report that they get less wet with our shields than stock.

To discuss custom work call us at (916)372-6800 or email us at

We ship everywhere that we are legally able to. Shipping to Canada is often around $40USD, and customs will usually delay the package a couple of days. Shipping to Europe, Australia, or New Zealand is usually around $75USD, and will often take two weeks. Our warranty policies (including exchanges and returns) still apply outside of the U.S., however shipping costs will likely be so prohibitive that you may choose not to return the shield. When you check out our shopping cart will automatically calculate shipping for you.

For every bike that has more than one size of shield, only the tinted shorty comes in tint. If the bike only has one shield available, then it comes in tint if it is tinted in the picture. If we do not make a tinted shorty for your bike we will be able to make one as a custom. We can make tinted shorties clear, but we do not make full size windshields tinted for two reasons. First, the shields are too dark to see through at night or in the rain and become a serious safety hazard if you cannot see over them. Second, the plastic we make the tinted shields out of is thinner and not strong enough to make a full size shield out of.

Sometimes, depending on how severe the Tinnitus is, and what bike you are riding. We've worked with customers with different degrees of Tinnitus who have tried many set-ups, and although they always like our shield the best, some of them still cannot ride. If you get our shield, an aerodynamic helmet, and wear earplugs that will provide the quietest ride for your bike. If you ride a touring liter bike, such as a K1600GT or an ST1300, that will probably be enough. If you ride a adventure touring bike such as a Versys and have severe Tinnitus you are welcome to try our shield, although it is not uncommon for such riders to end up selling their bike and getting a refund.

Some riders with Tinnitus have reported relief by listening to noise over earbuds. There's a ten hour recording of sweeping noise you can listen to while riding here: You can download this file and put it on an MP3 player.

Yes to both. You are welcome to drive to our store in Oak Grove, MO near Kansas City and try a shield. If you like it, buy it, if you don't, don't. Call ahead to make sure that we have the shield(s) you want to try in stock. We're open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm.

We extensively tested many products, including Windex, 409, and bleach. Pretty much anything that doesn't have the word "acid" in it's name is fine to use. What we found works best is a 50/50 mix of WalMart's SuperTech Bug Remover and SuperTech Summer Formula, both found in the automotive section. Goo Gone can be helpful for spots that won't come out. Do not allow alcohol to sit near the edge of the shield for more than a few seconds or it can start crazing the edge.

Never. CalSci windshields are always the same price, except for replacements or discontinued products.

Yes, just call us or send us an email and we will discuss it with you.

CalSci was founded in California in 1985. At the time the owner saw no reason to ever leave the state and thought it would be a good name. Since then the political climate in California has become increasingly hostile to business and in 2018 CalSci moved to Missouri.