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Heated Grips and Seat kits

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Heated Grips Kit - $80

Heated grip kit

You may forget your gloves, but you never forget your heated grips. This complete motorcycle hand warmer kit comes with a Hi/Low/Off switch. The heater elements fit under your existing grips. The heating elements are fitted under the original manufacturer grips or your own favorite grips. If you've never used heated grips before, you'll be amazed how much you do use them, once fitted and how you ever managed before!!

Heat Controller - $70

>Heat Controller

Our heated grip kit comes with a hi-lo-off switch; our heated seat kit comes with no switch. This controller may be used with either to set temperature levels.

Heated Seat Kit - $80

Heated Seat Kit

When it's below 55 degrees (15c), you're losing heat from your body quickly. Anything that helps restore heat to your body improves your comfort, your ability to concentrate, and your ability to continue riding. And your passenger will love it! This heating pad fits under your existing seat cover on top of the foam. Just pry up a few staples, slip it in, and staple the cover back down. You need separate heat kits for the driver and passenger seats. No wires to cause discomfort or break, this high-tech heating element uses carbon fiber threads to produce the heat.