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Motorcycle Instruments and Controls

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Most motorcycle speedometers consistently read about 7% high. These can fix that.

Speedometer recalibrator
Speedometer recalibration - the Yellow Box
$100 fromBlack Robotics.

Speedometer recalibrator
Speedometer recalibration
$90 from Dakota Digital.

Indiglow replacement instrument faces
about $70 fromStreet Racer Parts.


If you have "normal" handlebars, you can raise them easily. Just get another set of stock top brackets and four longer bolts. Put the extra top brackets under the handlebars, raising your bars about 3/4" for about $20. If you also want to move the handlebars forwards or backwards, use the kits below.

handlebar risers handlebar risers
Advanced Motorcycle Products Handlebar Risers.
$55. Retains stock handlebars, cables and wiring. Moves handlebars 1¼" and forwards or backwards 5/8" or 1".

helibars helibars helibars
Helibars Handlebar Risers.
$220. Retains stock handlebars, cables and wiring. Moves handlebars 1" up and changes the separation and angle to achieve 2" pullback.

handlebar risers handlebar risers handlebar risers
Genmar Handlebar Risers.
$130. 1" rise, no pullback. Pictures by Scoot Benson.

handlebar risers
SW-Motech Handlebar Riser kit.
$45 for Suzuki and Kawasaki.

Handlebar Crossbar
SW-Motech Handlebar Crossbar.

Instructions for adjusting handlebars and controls

Your bike was shipped from the factory with the handlebars detached, and your dealer assembled them. Not necessarily correctly. We have to check alignment on everything. This alignment will be done to fit the bike to you, not the windshield.

  1. First adjust your handlebars if necessary (this doesn't count if you have two separate handle bars bolted to the bike, these instructions are for traditional tube handlebars). Make sure the rising portion of the bars is angled back slightly relatively to the fork tubes. See pictures below.
    Handlebar alignment
  2. Adjust your clutch and brake levers. Loosen the screws that hold the clutch lever to the handlebars. Sit on your bike with your normal riding posture. Extend your fingers on your left hand so that they are comfortably straight out, following the line of your hand and forearm. Rotate the clutch lever about the handlebars until it is just barely touching your fingers. Now tighten it up. Same thing for the front brake lever.
    lever alignment
  3. Adjust your mirrors. Rotate the mirrors until they are in the center of their adjustment range. Then loosen the mirror stalks, and move the mirror stalks until the mirrors are roughly in the correct position. Then tighten the mirror stalks and do the final minor adjustment on the mirrors.
    mirror alignment