Cross Country Packing Checklist

This page Copyright © 2003, by Mark Lawrence.
Created 12-Mar-2003 with the Micapeak checklist generator.

This checklist is meant as a starting point. I don't actually carry all this stuff. You can print this out or copy theHTML page source and personalize it. When you get back home, check what you actually used to fine tune your list.

Riding Cloths (times two if you have a passenger)
Foam Earplugs (6 pair) Light Gloves
Jacket Gauntlets
Jacket Liner Boots
Riding or Snow Pants Sweatshirt
Electric vest Moose Paws
Cool Vest

Bathroom Kit
Folding Hanging Kit Bag Comb
Toothbrush with travel cover Hair Brush
Toothpaste Nail Clippers
Dental Floss Nail File
Shampoo Scissors
Hair Conditioner Q-Tips
Pumice Stone Baby Powder
Razors Aloe Lotion
Shaving Cream Hand Lotion
Deodorant Baby Oil
Spare Contacts Contact Cleaning Case
Contact Cleaner Eye Juice

Aspirin Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
Ibuprofen (Advil) Antihistamine (Allegra)
Melatonin (sleep aid) Cold tablets (Aleve / Sudafed)
Caffeine Your Vitamins
Your Medication  



Motorcycle Accessories
Spare Bungee Cords Drivers License
Spare Bungee Net Motorcycle Registration
Disk Lock Insurance Card
Chain and Padlock Radar Detector
Rain Cover GPS
Spare Ignition Key Spare Saddlebag Key

Electronic Items
Batteries for phone, camera, walkman Flashlight (2)AA cells
Battery Recharger Another Flashlight (2)AA cells
Walkman, MP3, Cassette, MiniDisk Cell Phone
Earphones or Headsets 12 volt Cell Phone Power Cord
Cassettes or MiniDisks Cell Phone AC Power Adaptor
Camera Binoculars
Film / Spare Flash Ram Travel Alarm Clock
Small Camera Tripod PDA Address / Phone List

Miscellaneous Items
Butane Cigarette Lighter Pens
Tire Pressure Gauge Small Notebook
Leatherman Folding Multi-Tool Sunglasses
Compass Reading Glasses
Sun Block Address Book
Chapstick Maps
Mini-Windex Thin Blanket for Ground Cover
Travel Sewing Kit  

Extra Tools
3/8" Ratchet 6" Metal Ruler
6" extension 3/8" drive 10' Mini Tape Measure
8, 10, 12, 14, 17mm sockets Screwdriver w/ interchangeable bits
8, 10, 12, 14, 17mm comb. wrenches Extra screwdriver bits including Torx
Oil Filter Wrench for 3/8" Ratchet Vise Grips
12 volt mini air compressor Pliers
Air Pressure Gauge Needle Nose Pliers
Small DMM  

Spare Parts
Roll of Electrical Tape 10, 15, 20, 30 amp Spare Fuses * 2
10 Zip Tie-Wraps Small Can of Tire Patch / Inflator
10' 16 gauge wire Duct Tape
1 quart oil Oil filter
Silicon sealant Epoxy

Food Related Items
Two Spoons Daily Vitamins
Two Forks Breakfast Bars
Pocket Knife 3.5" Blade Nuts / Raisins / Granola
Camping Can Opener Coffee, Tea
Two Liters Water A couple zip-lock freezer bags

Overnight Camping Items
Sleeping Bag Paperback Book
Small Two-Man Tent Insect Repellent
ThermaRest Tent Stakes
Travel Pillow Small Hatchet
Tarp Small Bath Towel
Garbage Bags  

Camping Cooking Items
Camping Stove Stove Jet Cleaning Kit
Gas Bottle Waterproof Matches
Pots & Pans Plastic Cup
Utensils Small Hatchet
Coffee Cup