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Harley Davidson Pan America Windshields

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dimensions acronym refrence

WH is Width High - the height just before the windshield turns in

WL is Width Low - the height at the widest part near the bottom

OH is Overall Height - the overall height of the shield

RH is Relative Height - the height of the shield from the top mounting hole up

Instructions for choosing the right windshield height.
● Shields Available in 5 heights
● Shape designed to complement the lines of the Pan America
● Shields made from 4.5mm (3/16") DOT certified plastic
● Tinted Shields Made from 3mm thick (1/8") DOT certified plastic
Laser cut for precision aerodynamics and fit
● Includes storage cover, micro-fiber cleaning towel, and mini-spray bottle of windshield cleaner
Installation Instructions
Watch our laser cut a windshield
All about our windshield designs
How to choose the right windshield height for you
Read our FAQ and best in the industry Warranty
CalSci Touring Shields for 2021+ Pan America
= 15"
= 21.5"
Harley Pan America Stock
16"9 3/4"
Harley Pan America Medium
Harley Pan America Large
Harley Pan America XL
Harley Pan America XXL
Harley Pan America Tinted Shorty
Other Stuff for your Bike
$1125mm (1") knob, 5mm screw, 20mm long, 4 pieces