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Paul Mondor's Snow Tour

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Okee Dokee! Here we go. I am doing the Trans Labrador HWY this coming winter.

I will be leaving Montreal after shipping my 07 Dakar equipped with a special Sidecar rig to carry all the stuff I will need!
-Camping equipment
-small heater and stove
-gear and spare parts.

The Dakar which has been named "Frosty" on my last winter cross Canada trip will be renamed "DA Side KAR" for this trip.

Now I am getting things organized with BMW and I am pretty excited about it. I have done it in summer and in rigs but never on bike in winter. according to past pictures

I have done winter camping while I was in the army and out of the army too. so I know how to do it and I am confident in my ability to stand cold.

I know I said in the past that a sidecar was not my favorite idea but I also have to use my head and admit that even though there is gas every 290 klicks or so, progress could be really slow.

The ferry from Labrador runs through the 16th of January. So it gives me about 15 days to go from Joliette to the ferry terminal in Blanc Sablon going to Saint Barbe in NL. from there I will go through the Rock again take the ferry from Port Aux Basques NL to north Sidney NS and then ride to Dieppe NB and have the bike shipped out of my buddies's place at Atlantic Motoplex to Victoria.

I will get pics posted of my sidecar rig as I build it. and how the modifications will be performed. I know already that the 650 Dakar can stand the rigors of winter

This time I will have a camera mounted on the Rig and will have an ongoing video going. Now that I know how to keep my camera from freezing.

Last winter trip has taught me a lot and I will gain a lot from this.

By the time I leave the DVD of the last trip will be done and available. I know! I know I am slow but MANY of you have asked me to let you know when it is available and I will.

So here we go! The Iceman launches his Trans Labrador Witner trip on the 1st of January 2008.

Paul "Iceman" Mondor

got Frosty's sidecar

Here she is! I know! I know! the color does not match, (Yet!) but I am getting it painted to match Frosty next week.

The bottom with be silver and the top and fender will be blue like Frosty. I picked her up at Dauntless motors in Enumclaw Washington. it was a day and a half job but Jay and his guys did an awesome job. My maiden ride and my first significant ride riding a hack was driving I-5 during rush hour. Shit man! That was scary at times. but I got a hang of it after about an hour of fighting. She rides pretty good!

Now I have to update the suspension. I ordered a fully adjustable Ohlins shock for the rear, custom ordered with a really strong spring and I am also putting in more rigid progressive springs in the forks.

the stock tire will be replaced by a Continental TKC 80 just like the front and rear. I have also already modified the engine case breather so it does not freeze like last year. I routed it away from the front of the bike to the rear where it will not get covered with freezing water and snow. I almost have all my gear except the heater.

my video equipment is ready to be mounted on the rig, but I will wait till it is painted.

looks like the 1st of January will be here faster than I think. My website will also be running shortly. it is up already but not populated yet. There will also be a board on it where the pictures and videos will be uploaded. I will post them on AdvRider as well.

And a link to this post will also be on my website.

I am stoked too and I appreciate the vote of confidence. I just received my Bombardier BS2V helmet today. Damn this thing is wild!

This thing will definitely see me through this trip. It is light, comfy and Dammit it is DOT Approved as well.

I put it on and then put my Schuberth on and low and behold I prefer this one. the Mask is not only adjustable but also removable so it can be worn in non freezing conditions. What fun is that?

You flip it forward to put it on and then crank the front knob so the mask sits on your face. it is very comfy! it also has a drop down sun visor and the back of the helmet has a built-in LED light for added visibility. the shield is double layered and also heated. the whole thing is absolutely incredible.

Very well designed and did I say light?

anyways! As I get the rest of my gear together I will post pictures.

Paul can be reached at:
Paul Mondor • 3927 LaSalle Street • Victoria, BC, Canada V8P 3L8 • Email: Paul_Iceman_Mondor at

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