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BMW R1200 GS Info and Accessories

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Picture by Philippe Roelant of Belgium

Picture by Jordi Garzon Torron of Spain. Note: These are not stock tires.

R1200 GS HP2 information

R1200 GS Known Mechanical Issues

Annoying 10 second delay for POST - Power On Self Test - of fuel injection and ignition system. If you're going to rob a bank, leave it running.

R1200GS Road Tests

R1200GS Links

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Touratech accessories overview

The following BMW dealers sell parts and accessories mail order at discount:

All the Gelande Strasse Bikes
BikeProduction YearsEnginehp
R65GS 1988 - 1990  649cc27hp
R80GS 1980 - 1996  797cc50hp
R850GS 1999 - 2000  848cc70hp
R100GS 1987 - 1996  980cc60hp
R1100GS1993 - 19991085cc80hp
R1150GS1999 - 20031130cc85hp
R1200GS2004 1170cc98hp

BMW Wine glass
GS Wine Glass Excellent for sipping a good Merlot whilst watching the 49ers. About $5 each.

Guards and Crashbars

BMW Hand Guards, Part# 1112. Wind protection on the street and off road protection from branches.Enhance heated grips by blocking the wind. All mounting hardware and instructions are included. About $70

BMW Head Guards, Part# 1111. Protect the valve covers from damage. Complete with all installation hardware and instructions. About $115

grill guards
GrillGuard Precision cut stainless steel grill prevents damage to the oil cooler, mounts easily in minutes without any special tools. $55

grill guards
GrillGuard stainless steel grill prevents damage to the oil cooler, mounts easily in minutes without any special tools. $75

crash barscrash bars
Hepco-Becker Crash BarsPart #502.918 Made from high quality mild steel, designed to allow routine maintenance without having to remove them (oil change and valve adjustment). Available in black $200 and silver $225.

crash bars
Wonderlich Crash Bars About $260.

skid plate
Carbon Fiber Skid Plate Guaranteed 5 years. About $350.

kickstand plate
Kick Stand Plate Adds to stability when parked in soft stuff. About $35.

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