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BMW R1200 GS Info and Accessories

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Picture by Philippe Roelant of Belgium


The German-made soft luggage for this bike is generally of high quality, but exorbitant price. I recommend you see the Luggage section of this web site for some American alternatives.

Saddle Bags
See the general section on Luggage for links to Jesse and Happy Trails. They make aluminum saddlebags for this bike.

<4>BMW GS Saddlebags, Part#71607670827828. Adjust for wide and narrow. Left side 28.5 or 37.5 liters, right side 37 or 46 liters. Aluminum side panels add stiffness. About $750

Top Box
BMW GS Top Box, Part#71607670834 and 71607670836. Match sidebags, adjusts for tall or short, 37or 46 liters. Available backrest. About $520

Tail Pack
Wonderlich Tail Packs.passenger seat bag $200, luggage rack pack $135, $300 the pair. German engineering and construction guarantees a truly german experience.Cheap at half the price. Ok, fairly priced at half the price. Cheap at a quarter the price.

Tank Bag
BMW GS Tank Bag, Part#71607687604. About $280. Includes blessing by Pope, hence outrageous price.

Tank Bag
Wonderlich Tank Bag.About $240. Includes blessing by a Cardinal, hence outrageous price.


Driving Lights
BMW GS Driving Light Kit, Part#63065.5164. Comes with PIAA 510 lights and light bar. About $375

Light Mount
GS Driving Light Mount,Part#0400. about $140.

License Plate BracketLicense Plate BracketLicense Plate Bracket
License Plate Bracket


BMW GS Low Seat
BMW GS Low Seat, Part #65400. 60mm-80mm (2½" - 3") lower than the stock seat. Available in Black or Grey.Why be high up and uncomfortable, you can be down low and uncomfortable. About $230

RCU Designs Backrest
RCU Designs Backrest.About $357.

Pirate Stealth Backrest
Pirate Stealth Backrest.About $330.

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