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Honda ST1300 Installation Instructions

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Hot Wings

Required tools:

hot wings Remove the two engine inspection panels from your fairing.

Hold the Hot Wings in place, and mark the locations to drill out the two rivet holes on each side. Drill out the four holes with a 17/64 drill bit. The lower left hold has about 1/2" clearance before you run into the radiator overflow tank, so drill carefully.

Attach the Hot Wings with the two Honda pop rivets in the middles, and four supplied pop rivets in the other holes. The hole on the lower left requires one of the supplied cut down pop rivets. You may attach the Hot Wings with or without the inspection panel covers.

frame guard side cover

Remove both saddlebags, both seats, and both side covers.

Left side: Clean off the lower gas tank side. Make sure it is clean and dry. Position the left frame guard so that the cut out slides into the notch in the rear suspension preload adjustor. The upper front corner of the frame guard should just touch the welded flange on the gas tank. When you're comfortable that you have it, remove the backing paper from the double stick tape and stick it in place.

Right side: Position the frame guard as shown in the photo. There's a 17/64 hole pre-drilled in the frame guard. Line this up with the middle slot in the plastic guard just in front of the battery. You will need to drill out the slot by running a drill through the frame guard hole and the through the slot. The slot will be just barely visibly widened. Now, put a pop rivet in the hole. That's it.

Fairing belly pan

belly pan

Remove the lowers from your fairing. There are five allen head bolts and a removable pop rivet on each side, and two pop rivets under the front nose.

Attach the two fairing lowers to each other with the under-nose pop rivets.

Lay the belly pan on the fairing lowers. Center it, and move the forward tabs up to just touch the beginning of the opening in the fairing lowers. Mark the eight holes to be drilled. Drill the holes out with a 17/64 drill bit.

Attach the belly pan to the fairing lowers using the rear most six pop rivets. Use two of the cut-down pop rivets in rearmost two holes.

Now you can lay the optional front scoop in place. In either case, attach the front two pop rivets.

Reattach the fairing lowers to the bike.

Under Mirror Deflectors

Carefully hold the wing under your mirror. Leave about a .1" gap between the wing and the ST body panel - a good way to do this is to temporarily scotch tape a penny onto the fairing panel at the tightest point on the wing, the line up on that. Hold the wing in position, and drill two ¼" holes through the underside of your mirror covers, using the holes in the wing to line them up. Leave about a ¾" gap between the wing and the trailing edge of the mirror covers. Then, use two of the supplied nylon 6mm bolts and nuts to secure the wing to the mirror cover.

under mirror deflectors under mirror deflectors