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Honda ST1300 Suspension and Tires

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fork guards
Neoprene Fork Guards made by Noj, Inc.1-800-456-0485 or 1-612-926-8144. $15 a pair.

Works Performance
Works Performance Ultra-Sport rear shock.5/8" shaft, 46mm piston bore, aluminum body. 18 rebound positions, hydraulically adjustable preload, $800.

WP shocks
WP shocks $400, + $130 for reservoir,+150 for hydraulic preload adjuster.

Wilburs rear shock. $900. Custom made in Germany.
Also available: Basic shock with adjustable rebound & manual preload adjustment $400.
Shock with hi-lo compression & rebound adjustment, manual preload $600
optional Hydraulic preload adjustor is available for $200 list. Optional ride height adjustment is $66.
From Borella Enterprises, 714 Providence Pike, Danielson, Ct. 06239, 860-774-5535,

Hyper Pro replacement shock and fork springs.Fork springs $160, shock springs $110. 1-888-963-1212

Stock tires in the US are D220s or BT020s. D220s are an updated version of the D205 with "improved wet grip." In Europe, I understand some STs come with ME-Z4s.

Generic information on tires is here.

All of the tires have manufacturer recommended pressures of 36 psi in front, and 42 psi in back. Honda recommends 42 psi front and rear. You'll have to decide for yourself. All of these tires have maximum loads of 536 pounds at 42 psi in front, and 783 pounds at 42 psi in back.

Tire Front Rear Miles F/R # Riders
Bridgestone BT020 120/70ZR18 $84 170/60ZR17 $99 8-14k / 3.5-14k 7
Dunlop D220 120/70ZR18 $86 170/60ZR17 $103 9.2k / 4-9.5k 8
Dunlop D205 120/70ZR18 $89 170/60ZR17 $103
Metzeler ME-Z4 120/70ZR18 $81 170/60ZR17 $100 7.5k / 5-7k 2
Michelin Pilot Road 110/80ZR18 $96 170/60ZR17 $111
Metzeler ME-880 --- 170/60VR17 $108
Avon AV45/46ST 120/70ZR18 $95170/60R17 $118
Metzeler ME-Z6 120/70ZR18 $96170/60ZR17 $112
Pirelli Dragon GTS MTR 23/24120/70ZR18 $89170/60R17 $100


Bridgestone BT020
Dunlop D205
Metzeler ME-Z4
Pilot Road
Dunlop D220
Avon AV45ST / AV46ST
Metzeler Roadtec Z6
Pirelli Dragon GTS
Metzeler ME-880

Good deals on tires can be found at:

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How to remove your rear wheel

Required tools:

  1. Place your bike on the center stand. Remove both saddlebags and your trunk.
  2. rear fender Remove your rear fender. This is attached with four 5mmallen head bolts.
  3. brake pin Remove your brake caliper stay bolt.14mm socket on 6" extension.
  4. Loosen the two bolts on the muffler attachment band. 10mm socket.
  5. brake caliper Remove the two bolts which hold the muffler in place. 12mm socket. Rotate the muffler down to the ground.
  6. Remove the axle nut, left side of the bike. 27mm. 8mm allen wrench on right side. Pull the axle out from the right side.
  7. Pull the rear brake caliper up. Use a bungee cord or string to hang the caliper up out of the way.
  8. Pull the rear wheel about 1" towards the left side of the bike. It will now roll out from the back of the bike.
  9. Change tire as required. If you want an inner rear fender extension, now's the time.
  10. Clean all the gunk off your drive splines and driven splines. This will require a fair amount of solvent and digging with a screwdriver.
  11. Put fresh grease on both the drive splines and the driven splines. The grease you use on the splines is a real issue. See Shaft Drives. Also clean the seal on the disk side, and put a small amount of general purpose (not moly or krytox) grease on it.
  12. Put the wheel back in place, lift it up, and push it onto the splines. Make certain it's seated correctly.
  13. Put the brake caliper back into place.
  14. Replace the brake caliper stay bolt. A small amount of grease on the pin helps with this. Loctite thread lock recommended. Honda says you need a new bolt every time. I have no clue why. I certainly did not buy a new bolt.
  15. Replace the axle. A small amount of general purpose grease on the axle helps. Get it good and tight - this can have a profound effect on handling and spline life.
  16. Replace the muffler, and tighten up the muffler attachment band.
  17. Replace your rear fender, saddlebags, trunk.

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