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Honda ST1300 Brakes, Exhaust, Engine, Fuel and Air Filters

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Brake Pads

I got 18,000 miles on my stock rear brake pads. YMMV.

Brake pads come in a few formulations. Generally, sintered pads will give you better performance at a higher price. The front and rear pads are the same size and shape, however some companies make different formulations of pads for the front and rear. If you switch brands of brakes, it's probably a good idea to switch all three sets of pads at the same time, or the linked brakes are liable to have a little stroke due to the different friction coefficients of the different brake formulations.

The CBR 1100 XX, VFR 800 ABS, ST 1100 '96-'02, ST 1300, and GL 1800 all use the same brake pads.

ST1300Honda front brake pads, $34.66 / set, 2 sets required

ST1300Honda rear brake pad, $37.99 / set

EBC Sintered Brake pads FA261HHCalSportBike $27 / set, three sets required. Powerful, grabby.

Ferodo Brake pads platinum #FBD 2098 $32.50 / set, three sets required; or sintered #FBD 2098ST$41.95 / set. Rev limiter racing 831-336-3306

Vesrah VD165 price unknown.

Dunlop DP DP124 DP125 price unknown

Tufstop, available from and, about $30 / pair.

SBS Brake pads SBS 735HF front (two sets), SBS 736LF rear; or sintered SBS 735HS front (two sets), SBS 736LS rear. Accessory Warehouse, no price yet.

Braided Steel Brake Lines

At the time of this writing, no one makes braided steel brakes lines for the ST. Because of the linked brakes, there's a lot of pieces and this would cost a couple hundred dollars. A couple of the companies have expressed to me that they are not willing to work on bikes with ABS.


two brothers exhaust exhaust horsepower curve
Two Brothers Racing slip-on mufflers,$610 aluminum, $830 carbon or titanium. 16 lbs less than stock, 2-3 hp increase.
$540 from StarCycle #TB620406D, 800-990-2453.Kim Leong, STOC 3073, California Sport Touring has them too.

Staintune Slip-on Mufflers Staintune Slip-on Mufflers Staintune Slip-on Mufflers
Staintune Slip-on Mufflers.Removable baffles. Just slightly louder than stock with baffle, somewhat more attention-getting without them. The pictured bike is from Oz; they only get red without abs.About $700 at StarCycle. Pictures by Staintune and Fred Z.


radiator guard
Radiator guardby RadGuard of Oz. AU$195 = US$116. arrow left

How to adjust your engine balance shafts

counter balance ajustment

Required tools: 5mm allen wrench, 10mm wrench, screwdriver. All are available in your ST1300 tool kit.This job is a bit easier if you also have a work light nearby to help you see what you are doing.

  1. The first few steps must be done with the engine cool to the touch. Remove the black fairing nose piece. To do this, remove the three nylon rivets under the nose of the fairing, then two philips screws and two rivets on the nose piece. You can pull the nose piece out without removing any other fairing pieces. The adjustors are on the front of the engine on the left side, under the clutch lever.
  2. Using the 10mm "bent" wrench in the Honda toolkit, loosen the pinch bolts. Don't loosen too much, or they will rotate on their own when you warm up the bike. Just loosen them enough to turn the adjustors.
  3. Locate the punch mark on your adjusters. Adjust the upper balance shaft first, and the lower shaft second.Upper: turn counterclockwise until resistance, then back off 1 notch.Lower: turn clockwise until resistance, then back 1 notch. This will get you very close.
  4. Now start the bike and let it warm up. While the bike is running you can fine tune your adjustment.Upper: turn counterclockwise until squealing is heard, then back off till squealing stops.Lower: turn clockwise until squealing is heard, then back off till squealing stops.
  5. Rev the bike a few times to check that neither whine nor rattling are excessive. Readjust balance shafts as necessary. Turn the bike off.
  6. Tighten up pinch bolts. Attach fairing nose piece.
Picture and text by Don in Vancouver

Page 12-12 from Honda ST1300 Service Manual
counter balance ajustment instructions
counter balance ajustment instructions

Fuel Filters

ST1300fuel filter, $39. Don't use dirty gas, it's obviously not worth it.

Air Filters

ST1300 Honda air cleaner, $33

K&N Air Filter,HA-1302 about $60.

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