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Honda ST1300 Wiring Diagrams, Lights, Radio

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Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams
thanks to Mike Maynard.
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ST1300 standard
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ST1300 Europe

Tapping into electrical power

The ST1300 puts out about 740 watts of electricity, which is about 500 watts of power more then the bike needs to run. So, you can safely consider a completely excessive number of electric and electronic accessories without undue worrying about running down your battery.

Your ST uses mini fuses, available at most auto parts stores. Littlefuse is one supplier, they make fuses with part numbers MINxxBP, where xx is 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 for the number of amps. They also make a fuse holder FHM2BPwhich lets you tap directly into your battery, and an add-a- circuit FHM200BP, which lets you tap into your Honda fuse holder. If you're just adding a couple accessories, this is the cheap and easy way to go. I used a battery tap for my electric vests, no relay. This allows me to use the same plug for a battery charger / tender.

ST1300 Fuses
Fuse ST1300 ST1300A Watts
5 amps 0 0 0-30
7.5 amps0 0 30-60
10 amps 5 6 60-85
15 amps 2 2 90 -140
20 amps 1 2 150 - 190
30 amps 1 3 200 - 300

Remember, when choosing a fuse you're trying to protect against a short circuit. Devices often use extra power when turning on or heating up, so you always add a few extra amps when choosing your fuse. The table above will give you a good start.

auxiliary accessory plug
There is also an auxiliary accessory plug on your ST. This option connector is on the left side of the bike under the gas tank, and has 6 wires. Green is ground. Light blue is hot when the right turn signal is on.Orange is hot when the left turn signal is on. White/Green is hot when the brake light is on. One Red/Green wire is an available spare circuit fused at 15 amps, listed in your primary fuse box (switched power) as ACC or Hazard/ACC, on when the ignition key is on ON or ACC. The sixth wire is also Red/Green, on always, fused at 10 amps, listed in your secondary fuse box (direct to battery power) as Battery / Clock Backup. This wire is always hot. So, you can tell them apart by turning your bike off and seeing which one is still hot.

accessory wire harness
There is an accessory wire harness which plugs into the option connector and gives you several new connectors. In the US, this is part number 08A30-MCS-100 available fromHondaDirectLine for $15.


White position lights to match your Philips or SilverStar white bulbs are available You want PIAAX-treme Wedge Bulb Type 168, 194. Part #19172 bulbs, about $17 each.

headlight bulb Headlight Adapter Shim
Headlight Adapter Shims to use 9003 bulbs in some Hondas, $12/pr. part number00507. Honda uses a proprietary 45/45 watt bulb which has three tabs like a 9003, but at different positions. These bulbs are used in the ST1100 / 1300, VFR750/800 and Goldwing 1500s. The bulb shown above is a 9003 with the shim mounted, showing 5 tabs instead of 3. You must trim off the bottom 2 tabs so that the bulb will fit into the housing.Without the shim, the bulb angles up instead of pointing straight ahead. If you lose a headlight bulb on the road you must get a $$$ replacement at a Honda shop, or own some of these shims. Also available a

Clear Turn Signal Lenses
Clear Turn Signal Lenses from ClearAlternatives. $75, plus you need new yellow bulbs. Photo by Gary Robinson. arrow left

How to change your ST1300 headlight bulbs.

This can be done without removing any of the fairing. Reach in, and take off the electrical connector from one bulb. There are a pair of small tabs sticking out of each side, depress them and the connector pops right off. Don't depress them and it's nearly impossible. After the electrical connector is off, remove the large rubber dust and water shield. Now, unlatch the spring clip. To do this, push the spring clip in, and squeeze the tab together. One leg going forwards from the tab is hooked under a small brass lip. Now, the bulb pops right out. Take the new bulb, and cut off the two lower tabs. To do this, score them with a wire cutters, and then bend them back and forth a couple times until they break off. Bend the upper tab backwards towards the electric connectors about 5 degrees. Now, take one of your shims, and place it over the bulb. Make certain that there is nothing sticking out past the shim where you cut off the two lower tabs, or this will never work. Use a couple small pieces of scotch take to hold it in place while you're fussing to get it in, otherwise you'll need pretty much every swear word you learned in the Navy.Put the new bulb in place, and put the spring clip back on. Now, the rubber dust jacket - make sure you push the outer lip down onto the reflector all the way around, or it won't seal completely. Finally, slip on the electrical connector. Now, repeat all this for the other side. I recommend thePhilipsVision Plus or Sylvania Silver Star bulbs. arrow left

Wiring up extra tail / brake lights


On Hondas, green wires are always ground. On the ST1300 tail light there are three wires, Green, Green w/ YellowStripe for the brake light, and Brown w/ White Stripe for the tail light. To get to these wires, pull the rear fender like you're changing the tire, and go in from below. To simply wire up some extra lights, you can just tap into these. I recommend a disconnecting type of tap. At any auto parts store you can get what's called a T-tap which connects easily and lets you remove the wiring easily too. For brake lights only, use the Green / Yellow wire for power, and the Green wire for ground. The brake light fuse is 15A, and is also used for the horn. This should be more than sufficient, but you can change up to a 20A if you're worried or have problems.


ST1300 Radio
Radio Controls. The radio also completely fills your left-hand glove box.It's about $650 from David Silver.

There's also a CD changer from Honda. It's to be available "next year."


Speakers mount inside your fairing in the obvious place. About $200 fromDavid Silver.

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