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Honda ST1300 Fairing Accessories and Topbox

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Baker Built wings Baker Built wings
Baker Built wings. Unknown price. Photo by Marty Shurtleff. (Ignore that man behind the curtain) Marty reports that these don't do much.

Fairing Edge Deflectors Fairing Edge Deflectors Fairing Edge Deflectors
Fairing Edge Deflectors 08P73-MCS-100A About $128 from HondaDirectLine.

Mirror deflector set Mirror deflector set Mirror deflector set Mirror deflector set
Mirror deflector set 08P72-MCS-100A $118 from HondaDirectLine.
Pictures by Hajo Hörsting,

Fairing Pads

tank protector
Padded tank protector, matches the protectors on the sides of your tank.
08P61-MCS-100 $41 from HondaDirectLine.

fairing knee pads
Set of left- and right-hand side soft polyurethane fairing knee pads that protect knee caps from fairing body.
08P59-MCS-100 $51 from HondaDirectLine.

saddlebag scuff pads
Polyurethane saddlebag scuff pads for protection of the saddlebags from passenger shoes, rocks, and low flying pigeons.
08P76-MCS-100 $49 from HondaDirectLine.

Dash Shelves

Dash Shelf Dash Shelf
Dash Shelf for ABS model only. $80.

Side Covers

Side covers
Side covers. Available in black, red, silver. Snap on and off to replace the saddlebags. About $240 + shipping.

Hondaline TopBox

HondaLine trunk HondaLine trunk
HondaLine trunk
45L HondaLine trunk. 08L55 MCS 880 (silver). About $500 from David Silver UK delivered. Available in silver, blue, or red. \Shown with optional passenger arm rests 08U91 MCS 800, about $65.

Spoiler with Brake Light Spoiler with Brake Light Spoiler with Brake Light
There's an available Spoiler with Brake Light for the HondaLine trunk, about $325 from David Silver UK delivered. 08F64 MCS-880 (Silver) Email:
Photos by Elliot. Reflective stripe on the top box added by Elliot.
Instructions for wiring up the trunk lights are here.

Parts available from David Silver:
Trunk: 08L55 MCS 880 about $425 delivered
Spoiler w/ Brake Light for Trunk: 08F64 MCS 880 about $300
Passenger Arm Rests for Trunk: 08U91 MCS 800 about $65
Mirror Deflector Set: 08P72 MCS A00A about $100
Fairing Deflector Set: 08P73 MCS 800A about $110
Heated Grips: 08P73 MCS 800A about $250
Tank Pad: 08P61 MCS 800 about $30
Fairing Knee Pads: 08P59 MCS 800 about $35
Honda Saddlebag Liners: 08L56 MCS A00 about $90
Saddlebag Scuff Pads: 08P76 MCS 800 about $35

The big price for shipping is mostly the volume of the trunk. If you buy a trunk, consider loading up the box with whatever other goodies you might want.

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