Winter Bike Storage Checklist

This page Copyright © 2003, by Mark Lawrence.
Created 20-Nov-2003 with the Micapeak checklist generator.

  1. Find a nice place for your bike to spend the winter. Avoid wind, dripping water, damp and musty places, and vermin.

  2. Completely wash the bike and dry the bike. Wax the bike and polish all the shiny bits.

  3. Clean and lube the chain.

  4. Fill the tires with air to their max load spec - see sidewalls.

  5. Add a fuel stabilizer. Add the amount recommended on the bottle in the tank and fill the tank completely with gasoline.

  6. Change the oil and filter. Synthetic oils have a big advantage for winter storage. If you drained out normal oil and replaced it with synthetic, you have to start the motor and run it for a minute to get the synthetic oil pumped all throughout the motor.

  7. Remove the air filter, start the engine and spray the specified amount of EngineFogging Oil into the airbox. This will coat the inside of the engine to prevent condensation and rust.

  8. If you have carburetors, turn off your fuel and drain your float bowls. If you have fuel injection, start the bike and run it for a minute to get the fuel lines filled with stabilized gas.

  9. Spray Pledge furniture wax on any chrome, or polished or raw aluminum.

  10. Clean and treat all leather with saddle soap and a good leather oil.

  11. Treat plastics and vinyl with Armorall. Armorall your tires and hydraulic hoses too.Alternatively, use a silicon spray like Tire Black.

  12. Put some motor oil all over the front fork tubes. Bounce the bike up and down to work the front suspension

  13. Add distilled water your battery as required. Hook up a trickle charger every four weeks or get a "Battery Tender" and leave it on 24/7. Consider removing your battery from the bike and storing it indoors.

  14. Check your radiator level, add aluminum safe antifreeze as necessary.

  15. Put the bike on its center stand.

  16. Use plastic wrap and rubber bands to seal the outlets of the mufflers. Also seal the engine air intake, if you can get to it.

  17. Use a good breathable motorcycle cover to keep the dust off. An old sheet works great.

  18. Before you start the bike again, remember to remove the plastic wrap from the exhaust pipes and airbox inlets, and wipe the Pledge wax off the exhaust pipes. If your memory is as bad as mine, you might tape a note to yourself over the ignition keyhole.