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California Scientific

California Scientific
1000 SW Powell Ct
Oak Grove, MO 64075

Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 / DL650 Info and Accessories

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VStrom with CalSci windshield
California Scientific
windshield for V-Strom - $185

DL650 windshield report:Absolutely, hands down the best windshield you can get. Trade in your GIVI cause this is way better. And, the measurements/recommendations for size are - well in a word - scientific. The tall windshield for the DL650 would have been a perfect block in the high position. However, I live in Florida, and need/like some air in my face in the "warmer" weather. So I have the shorter windshield in the high position. Gives me great sound/wind-blast protection, but also gives me a little air flow in the face. If I want to cut out all the wind/ noise I just get down an inch or so behind the windshield and voile - all you hear is the purring of the twins. Loving it.
-- Bruce Belrose

I received my new windscreen from California Scientific today. Took 5 minutes to install. This is a great screen! My riding experience has changed dramatically. No more buffetting and being belted on the back of my helmet by a rubber mallet. I can ride at 160 K's with my face shield up if I want to. I can actually hear that little sewing machine motor working its guts out - noisy little blighter!
Posted by Roger Buddle

Mark: Windscreen arrived today.
Here's my User and Road Test report:

  1. 1) Wow - fits right out of the box, no scraping, sanding, two handed armstrong method of brute force and ignorance required. 15 minutes from unpack to total replace.
  2. 2) Never knew my bike actually sounded like that-sweet!
  3. 3) My eyes can actually focus on things now - head not bobbing around all the time in the breeze and it sure is optically correct
  4. 4) Last accessory ordered - first one to arrive - that's impressive, packed well too
  5. 5) My cat likes sleeping in the box
  6. 6) storage bag and cleaning supplies - a value added nice touch
  7. 7) a simple touch with the Dremel Moto Tool to grind down the backside locator tabs on the stock screen's outer trim tab enabled me to reuse the trim piece for a truly custom Suzuki look. (covers up that one protruding screw hole from the original screen which has 4 holes)
  8. 8) a police officer stopped to chat while I was getting a drink at a store near Jackson's Point - commented on the bike and loved the look of the great windscreen - I gave him the web URL
  9. 9) tried it out around Lake Simcoe - 70 km - as relaxed as if I'd gone around the block.
  10. 10) mounted in low position, I can see comfortably over (I'm a full 6'3" - wonder how a 5'10" rider would be?)
  11. 11) in a word - "duzwhatitsaiditwouldandwortheverypenny".

Criticisms; None

-- Bob Bell, Ontario, Canada

VStrom 650 Gearing

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How To Change Your VStrom 650 Gearing

The stock front sprocket is a 15 tooth. You can buy a 16 tooth sprocket from a SV650. This will lower your RPM by 6.25%, about 300 rpm on the freeway. You'll also lose 6.25% of your rear wheel torque. People who have done this report liking the more relaxed engine feel, and not noticing the loss of torque. They do not report a noticable change in gas mileage.

At least one rider is using a 17 tooth counter chaft sprocket. This lowers your RPM by 13.3%, about 600 rpm on the freeway. The one rider doing this reports a noticable increase in gas mileage at 75-90 mph.

DL650 Gearing Options
TransMPHOverall MPHOverall MPHOverall MPHOverall
2.46143 17.25 46 16.10 49 15.09 52 14.21
1.77759 12.46 63 11.63 68 10.90 72 10.26
1.38 76 9.67 82 9.03 87 8.46 92 7.97
1.12593 7.89 1007.36 1076.90 1136.49
0.9611096.74 1176.29 1255.89 1335.55
0.8511235.97 1325.57 1415.22 1504.91

Trans is the internal transmission ratio. Overall is the overall gear ratio in each gear. MPH is the speed in that gear at 10,000 rpm.

You can buy new sprockets at Sprocket Specialists. Front sprockets are about $13.


To raise your handlebars, just get another set of stock top brackets and four longer bolts. Put the extra top brackets under the handlebars, raising your bars about 3/4" for about $20. If you also want to move the handlebars forwards or backwards, use the kits below.

handlebar risers
GenMar Handlebar Risers, about $110. Moves your handlebars 1" up, about 1 3/8" back.

handlebar risers handlebar risers
Advanced Motorcycle Products Handlebar Risers. $55. Retains stock handlebars, cables and wiring. Moves handlebars 1¼" and forwards or backwards 5/8" or 1".

dash shelf
Dash Shelf, about $25 for all V-Stroms.


IMS Footpegs, about $80 at any motorcycle shop. Footpegs for KLR 650s or XR100s will fit. Photo by Verle Nelson.

footpegs footpegs
Fastway Cleated Footpegs, About $100.


crashbars crashbars
Mo-tech crash bars,
$134 from California Sport Touring

Hepco & Becker crash bars,
$200 from Twisted Throttle

GIVI crash bars,
$122 from California Sport Touring

Crash bar / skid plate for DL1000 only, $295 from Pat Walsh Designs

DL650 Swing Arm Spools: 99950-70544-BLK. For lifting the bike, not for crash protection.

handguards handguards

DL650 Hand Guards: 57300-27820-291. $46 at Arizona Motor Sports

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