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Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 / DL650 Info and Accessories

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Two Brothers Exhaust
Two Brothers Racing slip-on mufflers,15 lbs less than stock, 2-3 hp increase. Available in small oval, round, or large oval.
$486 (DL1000) from StarCycle 800-990-2453.
$315 (DL650) from StarCycle 800-990-2453.California Sport Touring has them too.


Staintune MufflerStaintune Muffler
Staintune Slip-on Mufflers.Removable baffles. Just slightly louder than stock with baffle, somewhat more attention-getting without them.About $700 at StarCycle.

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How to Modify your V-Strom Mufflers

There are two modifications you can easily make. Either of these mods is compatible with the stock fuel injection maps.Mufflers with these modifications make less noise than Two Brothers mufflers.

Get a ½" to 1" metal-cutting hole saw and about a 12" extension for your electric drill. About $10 at Home Depot.Run the hole saw into the exhaust outlet and drill through the baffle about 10" into the muffler. This will make your mufflers somewhat louder.

exhaust modificationexhaust modification
Also, you can drill out holes in the end cap of the muffler. You can stop at step [2], or [3]. Here, all the material has been removed for maximum change. Personally, I stopped at [2]. This mod will also make your mufflers somewhat louder. Pictures and directions by Rick @

YouTube video w/ sound


VStrom Saddlebags and trunk
Suzuki / Kappa saddlebags and trunk.About $720 including mounts. Kappa is a subsidiary of GIVI.

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Make a V-Strom 650 saddlebag support

saddlebag supportsaddlebag supportsaddlebag supportsaddlebagsaddlebag
Unlike the VStrom 1000, the 650 has only one muffler, so if you have soft saddlebags there's no good support for the left handbag. My soft saddlebags on my DL650 were hitting my rear tire at times, which is not a good thing. The left bag also drooped, which is not very appealing looking from the rear. So, I made a support bracket. I bought a couple galvanized pieces at Home Depot - a 2"x 3' piece, and a 6" x 6" L bracket.

I bent the long piece so that there was about a 1" section to bolt to the rear fender, then about a 4" section standing out from the rear fender, leaving the remaining 2½' going forward parallel to the bike centerline. The bends were both roughly 90degrees - I had to reshape the 1" section by hand a bit to get a good fit to the rear fender.

I used a fender washer, a spacer, and a nylon 6mm bolt and nut to attach the L bracket to the rear passenger peg bracket. I then mated the L bracket to the long piece, drilled a couple holes, and used silicon caulk as glue and a couple 6mm nylon bolts to attach them to each other. I cut off the excess from the 3' long piece, about 8". I then drilled a couple holes in the 1" section and the rear fender, and used a couple 6mm nylon bolts to secure the bracket to the rear fender.

I then removed the entire contraption and painted it, once with Rustoleum grey primer, then once with Rustoleum satin black. I've done 1000 miles with it now, it works great. Total cost: 2 pieces of metal, about $5. Two spray cans of paint, about $10. Various nuts, bolts, washers, I had them laying around my shop. Figure another $1. 85% of the paint was left over.

I use and highly recommend Nelson-Rigg SB-900 33 liter Touring Saddlebags, shown above. With the support bracket the left bag hangs more or less vertical. The pair of bags on the bike is just about exactly 36" wide.

Fairing Pads

tank pad

Suzuki tank pad

.About $23.


Engine and transmission

Displacement:996 cc     /     645cc
Engine type:Two cylinder Water Cooled 90° DOHC V-Twin
Power:98.00 HP @ 7600 RPM     /     64 HP @ 8500 RPM
Torque:74.5 ft.lbs @ 6400     /     48 ft lbs @ 7400 RPM
Compression:11.3:1     /     11.5:1
Bore x stroke:98.0 x 66.0 mm     /     81.0 x 62.6mm
Fuel system:Injection
Valves per cylinder:4
Cooling system:Water
Final drive:Chain

Physical measures

Dry weight:456.4 lbs     /     417 lbs
Seat height:32.7 inches     /     32.3 inches
Wheelbase:60.4 inches
Overall length:90.2 inches
Overall width:34.1 inches     /     31.9 inches
Overall height:52.6 inches     /     54.7 inches
Ground Clearance:6.5 inches
Fuel capacity:5.8 gallons including 1.26 gallon reserve

Chassis and dimensions

Frame type:Aluminum Trelis
Front suspension:Telescopic cartridge-type forks, adjustable preload
Front suspension travel:6 inches
Rear suspension:Single articulated shock, adjustable preload and rebound damping
Rear suspension travel:5.9 inches
Front tyre dimensions:110/80-ZR19
Rear tyre dimensions:150/70-ZR17
Front brakes:Double disc
Rear brakes:Single disc