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Suzuki VStrom DL650 Pictures - Washington 5/02/04

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Washington. From Sacramento, take I80 east to Auburn, then Hwy 49 north past Nevada City. Cross the Yuba river. About 5 miles past the river, turn right (east) on Tyler-Foote road. After about 8 miles, the road will fork. Straight is Cruzon Grade, which goes up into the Sierras. Take the right turn to Malakov Diggens, then in the town of Malakov take a left turn to Washington.

I meant to take Cruzon grade to Lake Bowman and Jackson Meadows, but I got stopped by snow. So, I headed down the hill a bit and went to Washington instead.

Cruzon Grade looking south off the ridge.

1 lane wooden bridge crossing a stream.  Looking downstream, west.

Same bridge, same stream, looking upstream.

Cruzon Grade looking south off the ridge.

Cruzon Grade looking east off the ridge. The mountains with snow are next to Lake Tahoe.

Cruzon Grade looking south off the ridge.

Over the hills and through the woods.

Cruzon Grade looking south off the ridge.

Crossing the South Yuba river. Another one lane wooden bridge..

Same bridge, looking upstream. Hippies like to skinny-dip here, but, trust me on this, it's not a pretty sight.

The town of Washington. We're about 2 miles out and 500 feet up.

Crossing the Yuba River again. This time it's a real bridge, there's a bunch of guys on Harleys behind me.

Same bridge looking upstream. The pond up there, it's got gold in it. This is, after all, gold country.

Heading for Highway 20, on the way home now.